E L said:    A very person centred approach to reflexology and an extremely holistic treatment. Set in a very comfortable and relaxing environment, the perfect escape to recharge your batteries or to gain insight into yourself. I love the benefits of this therapy and the personal approach and compassion given by Lea. I would recommend her as a therapist to anyone. 

K C said:    Being a novice to reflexology I was not quite sure what to expect, but I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions. Not only was Lea able to work on some of the tension hot spots, but I also found her to be very pleasant and easy to talk to. I would recommend her without hesitation. 

L C said:     Lea is a lovely person who is extremely accommodating. I have used Lea for reflexology for around two years.
K H said:
Lea gave me back a quality of life after a reaction to an antibiotic that left me in so much pain x 

N J said:    I had my first ever reflexology treatment with Lea and was amazed by what she did. She only ever touched my feet but I was left feeling like I'd had a shoulder massage and was completely relaxed. I now have regular treatments and thanks to Lea feel more positive, relaxed and sleeping better. Highly recommended to family and friends.

A D said:    I have been going to see Lea for several months now and would recommend her to anyone. Lea makes you feel very welcome and comfortable and I always leave feeling thoroughly relaxed and looking forward to my next appointment. 

C W said:    Lea is a wonderful practitioner who always has time for her clients, and treats them accordingly. 

R P said:    Lea is a wonderful, warm lady who puts you at ease straight away and is an excellent reflexologist. 

S R said:    Lea is an amazing therapist, combining holistic treatments of the highest quality in a wholly relaxing and trusting environment. I have been a regular customer for more than 2 years now. I really look forward to my Reflexology sessions as I know each represents an hour of calm and no matter how awful my week has been Lea, through her gentle approach, always makes me feel better. 

A H said:    Lea operates a very unique business offering an alternative and refreshing solution to traditional medical practises. Homeopathic treatment helped me a lot when enduring a very stressful period of my life, the professionalism and expertise on display within this business deserves every accolade on offer. 

S S said:    Lea really is amazing, been seeing her for over a year now for Reiki healing, I always leave the session feeling so relaxed & revitalised. She makes you feel so at ease & like you really matter. 

F M said:    Lea really knows what she's doing when it comes to Reflexology. She is very kind and understanding and has helped me a lot when I've had an appointment with her. 

E D said:    Lea Powell Smith is a fabulous practitioner - very calming and I love my sessions with her(it's my little escape from life!) 

L V said:    Lea is fabulous in what she does and she has such a lovely personality as well. Her Reflexology sessions are a wonderful experience relaxing, soothing, therapeutic and certainly ticks all my boxes which is why I keep going back and am a loyal and regular client. 

M W said:    The treatment undertaken was very well given. I felt very comfortable and confident in Lea's work. I will be having future appointments and I have no hesitation in recommending Lea. 

V E said:    From the moment I arrived for my first appointment I was made to feel welcome and immediately at ease. The treatment was exactly what I needed and I felt comfortable and relaxed the entire time. I have since returned for many appointments and I am sure they have helped me on so many levels. I have no hesitation recommending Lea and have done so to family and friends. She is kind, sincere, thoughtful and extremely knowledgeable. 

B A said:    Extremely relaxing, Lea is excellent, very professional and friendly.

D S said:    Lea helped me recover for a traumatic childbirth and bad post natal health. Also helped me through glandular fever and back problems. I always leave feeling invigorated and "new". 

C P said:    The most relaxing appointment I have ever had :-) Lea is very welcoming and this is the only time that I do not do anything for an hour! 

C G said:    Lea is wonderful - always cheerful and willing to help. 

H A said:    A fantastic experience and I am glad that I was recommended to Lea. I am now completely addicted! 

S M said:- I arrive in a state and leave there feeling a new woman! 

A C said:    Very relaxing experience. Lea is very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommended. 

L O said:    With her caring, easy going manner and vast experience, Lea is an inspirational therapist. 

L B said:    Reflexology, that's not all you get when you pop along to see Lea. You also get a warm welcome, (accompanied by a big smile) and I don't mean the foot bath that soothes and prepares your little tootsies for the prodding ahead. Lea is a very approachable lady and open to a chat while she works should you want to spill any beans and troubles that may be on your mind, remember, this is Holistic treatment, so for me, talking to Lea about my ills was a good thing to do, but I could also have a little bit of a closed eyes relaxation while listening to whales, flowing water or chime's and the like. Whatever reason you may be thinking of seeing a holistic practitioner for, I can definitely recommend Lea. (plus she sometimes forgets to take your money - shuuusshhhh)

C H said:    Lea is a wonderful homeopath practitioner. Our family has benefited greatly from her care and advice.

J A said:    Lea is a wonderful holistic practitioner. I found her to be extremely helpful and understanding. I have a complicated health history and we agreed between us what therapy would suit me best and the strength of the therapy based on how I was on each occasion and the effects of previous treatments. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lea to anyone seeking holistic therapy and I wish her every success for the future. 

P S said: XXXX Lea is an amazing therapist who offers a range of therapies to suit my needs. Highly recommended.

G T said:     I have a problem with my left ankle, having reflexology from Lea helps with the pain and stiffness, I have always found Lea, friendly, knowledgeable and caring, I would have no hesitation in recommending her. 

S J said:     During my search for an Alternative Health Practitioner,Lea was undoubtly the favourite, on meeting Lea and experiencing her professionalism and understanding of Reiki I would recommend with the warmest heart felt opinion . 

V M said:     Excellent and personalised service that gives you so much more than just a reflexology treatment; Lea combines her many talents and skills in medicine, counselling and holistic therapy to lighten the load and make you feel like you have had a holiday! 

D A said:     Lea has a wonderful calm, caring manner and has helped me to relax and recover from very traumatic accidents and medical problems on several occasions. She is sincere and professional and makes her client feel at ease from the moment they enter the treatment room. 

S B said:     Lea is friendly, honest and warm to her clients. She is very knowledgeable and has a wide range of skills and abilities, and applies herself professionally. 

L C said:     Superb reflexologist, really gets to know her clients, very accommodating with a lovely personality. 

G B said:     I have been coming to Lea Powell for a few years now and have always been received with a friendly smile and a warm welcome. Lea will always listen to you and take into account any small details you can tell her. My whole family has been to see Lea and we have used both her reflexology talents and her knowledge of homeopathy with success. Lea always makes herself available when you need her, she is easy to contact and even lent me some of her books. I am always pleased to recommend her. 

S E said:     I had the most wonderful experience with Lea, not only is Lea extremely professional she's also very friendly and you relax within minutes of her company. I think for me, I had enjoyed the treatment, the sound advice she gave me and left feeling very positive. I've only just started some treatment with Lea, and I feel the outcome will be wonderful. Good luck Lea, and see you soon. 

H G said: I contacted Lea as she was recommended by a friend for reflexology. I did not know what to expect as I had never had reflexology before. Lea and the treatments were amazing. I felt like I had been for a full body massage afterwards (which was just the best feeling at 9 months pregnant!). I went into labour about 12 hours after my 2nd session with Lea. Not only did I manage a natural birth but I did it with no pain relief whatsoever! I would highly recommend Lea as a reflexologist and cannot thank her enough for the part she played in helping me achieve the birth that I wanted! 

S M said:     Lea knows exactly what treatment I need that day, so I always leave feeling 100 times better than when I arrived 

S O said:     I have loved going to Lea, I always feel at ease when I arrive and completely chilled when I leave. Lea has helped me with many things over the last few years and would recommend her. 

S L said:     I have tried Reflexology, homeopathy and massage. Lea is both professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I recommend her to everyone. 

A B said:     Amazing massages from Lea Powell - brought me back to life again after glandular fever. 

J S said:     I went to Lea for reflexology, after she was recommended by a friend. Lea was very warm and welcome with a real, genuine interest in me as a person. The reflexology was wonderful, and in addition Lea was extremely knowledgeable regarding other complementary health therapies and helped me immensely. 

F M said:     I discovered Lea recently through G.P. Gold. I had had a bad back at the time, so I contacted Lea and made an appointment. She was very kind and welcoming and made me feel relaxed. After one hour my back now felt much better. I would highly recommend her. 

K H said:     Lea is a wonderful therapist. She is genuine, caring, extremely knowledgeable and only has your best interests at heart. I enjoyed a reflexology treatment with her recently and it was amazing what health issues she picked up on which she then gave sound advice about. Definitely recommend. 

L S said:     Absolutely fantastic treatment. Lea is friendly professional and extremely knowledgeable. I have already recommended Lea to many people. 

J H said:     Everyone should have Reflexology from Lea Powell, it's the best! Highly recommended. 

C H said:     Our family has been well supported by Lea's Homeopathy therapies, wisdom & practical advice. Her service truly is one of the Best as it keeps us all healthy! 

S O said:     I've seen Lea for fortnightly reflexology treatments throughout the second half of my pregnancy. Not only have the sessions been wonderfully relaxing, I'm positive that they've also helped keep my body in balance during a time of such major change. Lea's experience and midwifery background are a great combination. Thank you! 

E P said:     My feet love Lea! I feel so relaxed and chilled after a session of her reflexology treatment. 

N Y said:     By my experience, I have had the best Reflexology with Lea Powell Smith. I especially enjoyed a firm technique when she pressed different pressure points in my feet. Afterwards I felt very relaxed, highly recommended! 

J M said:     Lea is a sensitive practitioner and it is very easy to talk to her about the issues I face relating to my health and wellness. She is reflective and easy to work with. An absolutely positive addition to my health management strategy. 

S G said:     Lea is the most professional, wonderful therapist. She has a very relaxed style and quickly engenders a sense of calm and well-being. Highly recommended!

S G said:XXXX Lea is very friendly and professional, always welcoming and happy. She has endless knowledge in her relevant fields and is available if you need advice outside of your appointment. I have recommended her to friends and family.

I welcome feedback about the therapies and treatments you've experienced. Please feel free to complete the short form on the contact page.